AAADM Annual Inspection Services

The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) ensures automatic doors operate correctly and safely. When you get your automatic doors inspected annually, you help keep your employees and patrons safe and the products in your office or warehouse secure.

Business offices, public spaces, and product warehouses are some of the many establishments that benefit from automatic doors. Our AAADM certified technicians are equipped to evaluate and adjust automatic doors to meet compliance standards in Clearwater and Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding areas.

What’s Included In An AAADM Annual Inspection & Service?

AAADM is known as the standard inspection for safety features in any type of automatic door. Depending on the specific features of our client’s automatic door, we complete the following services:

General Wellness Check: This inspection service is for preventative maintenance or upkeep needed on an automatic door.

Safety Testing: When we inspect an automatic door for safety, we look for the following: speed, detection patterns, closing, and opening force, pattern size, sensitivity, and layout of the sensors to make sure everything is in operational condition.

Emergency Use: SM Door guarantees clear signage, emergency breakout functionality, and presence sensor function and position for automatic doors. We also confirm the latch location is correct and the time delay function is working properly. Additionally, during this inspection, we check the opening force of automatic doors.

What Is Our Process?

When a customer calls to request an AAADM inspection service for their automatic door, we start by scheduling a time for inspection. Next, we’ll arrive on-site to perform the inspection and note any problems or deficiencies in the doors’ performance.

At SM Door, our number one goal is to make certain automatic doors comply with safety measures.

If we can make the necessary adjustments to your automatic door(s) in the same visit, we will perform all labor at the time of our initial visit. However, if additional parts are needed, we will provide a quote, order the parts, and schedule our follow-up visit.

Why Trust Us

Since 2007, SM Door Automatic & Hardware has served Clearwater and Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding areas. Our 48 hour lead to response time, customer satisfaction guarantee, and partnerships with the best door and hardware companies in the area make us the most trusted option for door and hardware installations and inspections.

Call us today at (727) 455-4752 to learn how SM Door can provide top-of-the-line service and products for your next annual AAADM Inspection Service.

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