SM Door Commercial Doors

SM Door Automatic and Hardware sells, installs, and services commercial doors for Clearwater, Tampa, and the surrounding Florida areas.

Our commercial doors feature the latest technology and are made from hearty materials to withstand the Florida climate, offer sturdy protection, and last through heavy use.

We offer various options for industrial doors, including fire-rated, hollow metal, automatic sliding, automatic swing, and ADA handicap accessible doors. Whether it’s a repair, replacement, or new installation, our process involves taking the time to assess your individual needs and customize a door solution unique to you.

We provide commercial door services for rec centers, libraries, airports, police departments, condos, nursing homes, YMCAs, Salvation Armies, restaurants, rehabilitation centers, and much more!

Commercial Doors

Commercial Door Features

Our commercial doors come in various sizes and materials with customizable add ons to meet each client’s needs. We value providing high-quality products, which is why all of our industrial doors include the following features

• One-year warranty and a galvanneal coating

• Wood, steel, glass, and aluminum options available

• Sizes from 3 feet to over 8 feet

• Security add ons like keypads and access control systems

• Custom welded door frames

• Materials conducive for the hot and humid Florida weather

commercial doors

Commercial Door Types Available At SM Door

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Fire-Rated Doors

Our fire-rated doors provide a swift exit and protection against heat and smoke in the event of a fire. Make sure your property is safety code compliant with a fire-rated door!

• Self-latching for safety

• Shimming hinges for proper door clearance

• Pass inspections from local fire departments

Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow metal doors are strong, durable, and affordable! They are ideal for recreation centers, senior centers, and schools.

• Hollow metal doors are the most popular type of fire-rated door

• Frames come in many styles, such as knockdown, welded, and more

• The standard for commercial doors

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Automatic Sliding Doors

An automatic sliding door provides ease of access, security, and convenience and are a staple of most rec centers. We recommend our AAADM annual inspection services for automatic sliding doors to ensure their safe and smooth operation.

• Available in many different models

• Offer service contracts for preventive maintenance

• Energy consumption friendly

• Can be configured with access control systems

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Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic swing doors offer the convenience of a hands-free entrance, with the comfort of a standard-sized door. Whether you need the full door installed, just the operator, a repair, or an AAADM inspection, you can trust SM Door to get the job done right.

• Two-year warranty on swing doors

• Latest, safest technology

• Our technicians are certified for installations, repairs, and inspections by the AAADM

ADA Handicap Access Doors

ADA Handicap Access Doors are essential in turning any building into an accessible one for everyone. From libraries to recreation centers and everything in between, we are proud to install handicap access doors.

• Record installation references throughout the country

• Custom design and installation

• Meet requirements from the Americans with Disabilities Act

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Why Trust Us?

At SM Door, we know that a door is the first safety measure for your business. Whether it’s an apartment building, a nursing home, or a library, we pride ourselves on providing your establishment with security and peace of mind.

We are locally owned and operated, and we put our customers first. We’re proud to be a part of the community, serving the community.
We also offer:

• Competitive pricing
• Quick response and turnaround times
• High standard of workmanship
• AAADM certified technicians

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