Fire Door Post-Inspection Remediation

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When commercial doors pass fire door safety standards, they keep your business and customers secure from danger. Did the fire authority have notes for you after your last inspection? If so, SM Door Automatic and Hardware is here to help you save money.

From installing new up-to-code hardware to repairing broken elements, we’ll make sure your commercial doors are safe and comply with regulations at an affordable price.

Who Needs Fire Door Post-Inspection Remediation?

As part of running a commercial property, owners must meet specific safety standards for the good of employees, customers, and their business.

Specifically, health facilities need to have fire door certifications. However, every property benefits from abiding by safety regulations.

What Our Fire Door Solutions Include:

After an inspection reveals needed updates, our expert technicians can ensure your doors meet fire door requirements for a fair price.

Our process is simple. You give us the checklist of action items you’ve received from the fire authority. We run down the list and fix each inefficiency.

Our top priority is bringing your fire-rated doors to compliance. Consequently, in addition to the list you give us, we run through the following fire-rated door inspection checklist to guarantee our service is as thorough as possible:

1. We make sure your commercial door is self-latching.

2. Next, we shim hinges for proper door clearance.

3. After, we’ll assess and replace broken or damaged hardware like locks, door closers, and door hinges.

4. Finally, we will replace doors and frames when necessary.

Why Trust Us

At SM Door, our dedicated technicians are AAADM certified and experienced in working with many types of doors and hardware. We offer competitive pricing, fast response times, and because we’re locally owned and operated, we always put the customer first. We go above and beyond to make sure your doors are compliant with safety regulations, as well as working efficiently.

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