Commercial Door Services

Get the best commercial door services from SM Door Automatic and Hardware. We can install, service, and repair commercial doors and hardware in Clearwater, Florida, and the surrounding areas. Our commercial door services and hardware services are for every type of commercial property imaginable.

We have over 13 years of experience providing our door and hardware services for condos, apartments, recreation centers, rehabilitation centers, prisons, police stations, fire stations, nursing homes, Salvation Armies, YMCAs, libraries, airports, and many more! We have been rated one of the best door repair companies in Florida!

Our goal is to make commercial door and hardware installation, replacement, and repair quick, easy, and affordable.

Our Commercial Door Services

Clearwater Commercial Door Services

We install, service, and repair automatic swing, automatic sliding, ADA handicap access, fire-rated, hollow metal, and aluminum doors and frames.

Give us a call at (727) 455-4752 to learn how we can help!

Our commercial door services experts can service and repair any commercial door that needs a little freshening up. Alternatively, if clients need an entirely new door, we are here to make that process simple and affordable as well.

Our team aims to be as minimally invasive as possible for commercial door and frame installation. Once a client requests a quote, they can expect the installation process to proceed through the following eight steps.

  1. We send a commercial door expert to the property to do an assessment and measure the door.
  2. The customer fills out a quote form with essential information.
  3. Our team sends a quote to the client.
  4. The client approves the quote, and we order parts.
  5. We come to the property and tear out the existing door and frame.
  6. We install the new door and frame.
  7. Our team cleans up the area, leaving zero waste behind.
  8. We give the client an overview of our work and answer any questions they may have.

AAADM Annual Inspection Service

We offer a standard AAADM annual inspection service for the safety features required in all automatic sliding and swing doors.

Give us a call at (727) 455-4752 to schedule an AAADM inspection!

Our AAADM inspection services involve performing a general wellness check for the door. We also provide preventative maintenance to ensure the door is up to code.

  • Speed
  • Detection patterns
  • Closing and opening force
  • Pattern size, sensitivity, and layout of sensors
  • Signage
  • Emergency breakout functionality
  • Latch location and time delay

Fire Door Post-Inspection Remediation

When you need your fire-rated door to pass an inspection, we are here to help. Our fire door post-inspection remediation services bring fire doors to compliance without breaking the bank.

Give us a call at (727) 455-4752 to set up an inspection!

Once a certified inspector has given your commercial property a list of inefficiencies, we can bring your door to compliance for a fraction of what the inspector will typically charge.

Our fire door post-inspection remediation services include the following in addition to fixing the list of inefficiencies the inspector has outlined:

  • Ensuring doors are self-latching
  • Shimming hinges for proper door clearance
  • Replacing broken or damaged hardware like locks, door closers, and door hinges
  • Replacing doors and frames when necessary

Commercial Door Hardware Services

We install, service, and repair commercial door and electrified door hardware. We can provide these services for every type of commercial door hardware.

Price and quality are the number one factors we consider to determine the hardware we use for our hardware services. Our experts want to provide you with the highest-quality, longest-lasting, and most affordable hardware to ensure your door works safely and efficiently.

If there is a type of hardware you are interested in and do not see on our site, please call us. Our experts can easily order and find solutions for any parts you need.

Why Trust Us

Commercial Door Hardware Services Clearwater

SM Door Automatic and Hardware values fair and honest work above all else. Our AAADM certified technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured, delivering the highest standard of workmanship for every customer. Thanks to our 48 hour lead to response time, extremely competitive pricing, and transparency through every step of the process, your door will be working safely and efficiently in no time.

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